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Tuesday’s attack may have been prompted by efforts by Vi and her friends to observe the annual human rights event again this year, she said.“On Dec.

8, the Vietnam Bloggers Network organized a small party to celebrate International Human Rights Day and the anniversary of the network’s founding.”Security forces had not prepared for the party, though, because they did not know about it ahead of time, she said.

“And so they could not stop it, though parties in Nha Trang city and Hanoi were all blocked,” she said.“The next day, they started following me and took their revenge." International human rights groups and the United States have repeatedly criticized Vietnam for arresting citizens who peacefully voice their views and have urged the country to improve its human rights record.

Paris-based press freedoms advocacy group Reporters Without Borders says Vietnam currently holds at least 34 bloggers in detention.

sligthly dithery but heart-in-right-place kind of fella looking for an active, curious, travelly sort of girl....Vietnamese online democracy activist Nguyen Hoang Vi was beaten by plainclothes security officers near her home in Ho Chi Minh City in an apparent bid to thwart plans by her and friends to mark International Human Rights Day, the blogger said Wednesday. on Tuesday as she returned home following a visit to a local hair salon, Vi told RFA’s Vietnamese Service in an interview.It was the third such attack launched against the veteran blogger in the last two years.“When I was on my way home, I saw three women riding two motorbikes who maneuvered their bikes to hit me, and though I moved onto the pavement and tried not to react, they still chased after me,” she said.“They rode ahead of me and then turned around to hit me again,” she said, adding that when she turned around she saw “many plainclothes security men and women behind me.”Though she tried to run home, Vi said, she was quickly surrounded and brutally beaten.“One of the women on a bike that had struck me shouted that I was having an affair with her husband,” she said. The Marine was at the end of his 13-month tour in Vietnam in 1968, and – unbeknownst to him – everywhere was under attack as part of the North Vietnamese Tet Offensive against US forces.The 21-year-old managed to get out of Camp Carroll near the Demilitarized Zone, squeezing onto a medevac helicopter full of dead bodies, and make his way to the larger Dong Ha – only to find it yet again under siege.

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