Tammy trent dating anyone

It only took seconds before the lady walked out from behind the counter and stood right next to me, briefly glancing at my sister to ask her if she could pull anything out for her to look at, quickly glancing back at me as she continued her staring. " To replay my last response, this is how I responded: "Uh-huh... Have a great night." Yet, in that moment, when she told me, "..must be an interesting story to tell", this is how I wanted to respond, "Yeah, sure. I was born..end." Just to re-emphasis - my internal, sarcastic responses aren't usually a 2 for 1 type of deal: "Share a comment or question about my birthmark, get sarcasm free!I don't remember us trying anything on in that store that day (which is a rarity for three women in a jewelry store), but I do remember that lady never leaving my side - nor her wide-eyes ever leaving my face. I was born with it." (As I finished my statement and the lady's gawking continued, our mother-daughter trio picked up on each other's cues that it was time to leave.) Store Clerk (still with her face just inches away from mine): "Ohhhhhhh... " My sarcastic, internal dialogue is only reserved for very special experiences, such as ones like the one I've mentioned in this entry..that uncomfortably make me feel like a zoo animal on display.Eventually, as her eyes widened even more and her face broke my American comfort zone of personal space, and this is how the conversation took place... As odd as it may sound to some, sarcasm and humor have been one of my many coping mechanisms when I find myself in hurtful situations in regards to my facial difference - and I keep my internal response (at least, until I'm away from a situation) to myself as I process the experience.About a year ago I started to remember my high school years and having the opportunity to attend an amazing event called The Revolve Tour.There were the typical rounds of staring, followed by the typical, awkward dialogue.My mother, sister, and I were on one of our mother-daughter trips in Los Angles.Last night, for example, I had a dream where I was in some kind of meeting with a bunch of people, including Toby Mac​.

Like many eyes that are drawn to read a highlighted line in a book, many people stop and ask me about my permanently, purple tone, highlighting the left side of my face.Being born with a facial difference, I find myself in more interesting situations than normal - or at least, that's what I've been told by several family members and friends each time I share a new story.About two or three years ago I found myself in one of my usual situation.While I had always known about her amazing musical talents, it wasn't until these events that I had the chance to hear her incredibly testimony...A testimony where she struggled to fulfill her desire to feel beautiful (starting after her boyfriend at the time made a comment about a woman pictured on a magazine), finding bulimia as her companion during her search of self-acceptance.

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