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Pandora allows you something like six skips per hour of streaming radio.When you start listening, it’s easy to skip a song you only like a little bit.You earn one credit per second (whether you are connected to someone or not), but only up to a maximum of 120 seconds.So if you are frequently skipping, you eventually are forced to wait a while before you can connect to someone else.But the system also needs a signaling mechanism: a way for a brand new user to signal to established users that she is worth matching with.The problem is that a good signal requires a commitment to reputation if you don’t measure up.But if it’s your last skip that hour, you run the risk of being stuck with something you really don’t like, and you are likely to be more discriminating.Something that’s a bit more regenerative in terms of how the skips work might make sense for Chat Roulette.

Each time you start a Chat Roulette session with a new partner, you lose 20 seconds.I think the solution requires us to look at other social sites and adapt successful design elements from them.For example, instead of a NEXT button, provide only radio buttons which, when one is pressed, assigns a positive or negative score to the user and moves on.That, coupled with free entry, means that everyone’s payoff is driven to zero.In practice the big problems with Chat Roulette are These are all screening mechanisms: you earn control over whom you match with.

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