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If you go to a bar, get drunk and make a fool of yourself, dont expect to wake up the next day with an angel beside you.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

Lasnamae is the Russian heavy district just outside Tallinn, any women you do meet in Tallinn will be from there. Hopefully will meet one that suits my liking and vice-versa!

:-)Hi Misterb, we normally deal with the girls you meet online and not the ones you actually meet while you are in the FSU, that said, the information you give will still give some idea of what to expect from a genuine girl.

The basic fact of the matter is that Estonia is now one of the most affluent countries of the FSU despite its low population so women are not too desperate to leave and shack up with a foreigner. I meet the girl, get to know her first, don't let things get too far. Walk around go see some stores and watch how she behaves. If she refuses and says it is too early while having told you how special you are and how she wants to go with you... I met several girls from Estonia/Lithuania and general rule is: - If the girl is looking for sex she will make it obvious - If the girl is looking to scam you/extort money and free holidays/gifts, she'll show a lot of premature interest and like every scammer say she's looking for a supportive man (supportive = pay her stuff) - If the girl is decent, she will want to know you better first and will not like it if you advance early To test a girl you can do something very simple, which I did. "If you really loved me you'd do this" (being *this* something that will cost you money) "You should do this", "You should do that" (complaining about your behavior) Generally these girls are quite "happy" (they don't complain much about their life) so if she keeps nagging about how unhappy she is and how life was so bad to her, she's a scammer 99% of the time. GENUINE girls will NEVER EVER say they don't care about the looks. I don't think it is a coincidence that every woman that told me she didn't really care much about looks was either a prostitute, a striper or a scammer.

Furthermore, whatever credibility Brits may have had, has been shot to bits by Easyjet taking southeners to Tallinn for p! If you want to meet a woman in Estonia look outside Tallinn - Tallinn women will seldom look twice at a Westerner. They have totally ruined not just Tallinn, but Riga, Prague, and just about every East European capital. If she asks you to buy her something or even suggests it indirectly ("oh I would REALLY like to buy this but I can't afford it") ... Ask her something like: "Would you like to come to my country for a week to visit and have some fun? This year I will be in Estonia to spend xmas with my brother and nephiews for about 3 weeks and will have a chance of enjoying the fine quality of eastern european genuine non-slutty girls.

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