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The word "crystal" means, in most of the western world, the presence of lead.In the European Union, labeling of "crystal" products is regulated by Council Directive 69/493/EEC, which defines four categories, depending on the chemical composition and properties of the material.Only glass products containing at least 24% of lead oxide may be referred to as "lead crystal".Products with less lead oxide, or glass products with other metal oxides used in place of lead oxide, must be labeled "crystallin" or "crystal glass".The sign up process is self-explanatory with notes to guide you as progress.There is also a comprehensive page of Frequently Asked Questions which explains how to use the site once you have registered a profile.

In the Czech Republic, the term "crystal" is used for any exquisite, high quality glass.Its long history is documented by large collections in the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou.The meaning of crystal versus glass changes according to the country.Oldest archaeological excavations of glass-making sites date to around 1250 and are located in the Lusatian Mountains of Northern Bohemia.Most notable Czech sites of glass-making throughout the ages are Skalice (German: ).

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