Black 4 black dating

Black was also the Roman color of death and mourning.

In the 2nd century BC Roman magistrates began to wear a dark toga, called a toga pulla, to funeral ceremonies.

In black-figure pottery, the artist would paint figures with a glossy clay slip on a red clay pot.

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For the ancient Greeks, black was also the color of the underworld, separated from the world of the living by the river Acheron, whose water was black.

Later they reversed the process, painting the spaces between the figures with slip.

This created magnificent red figures against a glossy black background.

Swart still survives as the word swarthy, while blaek became the modern English black. They began by using charcoal, and then made more vivid black pigments by burning bones or grinding a powder of manganese oxide.

For the ancient Egyptians, black had positive associations; being the color of fertility and the rich black soil flooded by the Nile.

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