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Lord, just with my voice, acapella, dance for the Lord.

Photos: Photos: ' Born-again' celebrities ' Born-again' celebrities: Jane Fonda Actress Jane Fonda says she grew up an atheist with no exposure to church until her friends in Georgia taught her about Jesus.

Photos: Photos: ' Born-again' celebrities ' Born-again' celebrities: ' Born-again' celebrities Singer Alice Cooper always online dating sites senior singles believed in Christ but wouldn't have considered himself a Christian before giving up his rock-star lifestyle, he said in an interview with the Huffington Post. But I also recognize that was the song Love to Love You, Baby that brought me my first success, so he must have known that would happen.". Thus we are open to all unattached committed (born-again) Christians from any bible based/Trinity centred (God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit) denomination We are based in the Western Cape and operate one of the largest memberships countrywide, extending throughout South Africa. Add your profile and photos, search for other singles in your home town or by postcode. Although we do operate a website, you would not be joining or subscribing to a site per.

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